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I’m just a regular potato head trying to save the world one blog post at a time. A writer by trade, I decided it might be fun not getting paid to write, which isn’t vastly different from getting paid, and started this blog. (Ok, it was a big, long process getting here involving unplanned pregnancies, my company’s downsizing, a move to another state and a paralyzing fear of writing.) All I know is I blame my husband for all of it (except for that last bit about the writing).

A former advertising copywriter turned award-winning journalist turned freelance writer/mom to two very demanding and irrational little people, I struggle to find this elusive work/life balance of which I’ve heard people speak. My blog is an answer to that struggle as well as my response to Modern Motherhood. With it, I hope to provide incisive cultural commentary or, as it is otherwise know, common sense.

To that end, I also founded the Detached Parenting Movement, a child-rearing model I single-handedly developed upon the birth of my first child without any guidance or advanced degrees in Child Psychology. Check it out. It’s the perfect model because anyone can do it.

I live with my husband who I like to call Kevin and our kids, who I refer to as Crazy and The Kid. The Kid came along first, which is why she is The Kid. Crazy is named for his most dominant feature. That’s not a judgement call. Just simple fact. The kid’s crazy.

I write from an undisclosed location under my bed because the witness protection program refused to provide any security.

Oh, and I’m also working on a book, but that’s another story.

If you wanna know more, allow me to introduce myself with my first post, Allow Me to Introduce Myself. If you really want to know more (and I will forever love you if you do) like the truth about parenting check out my profile, which I originally wrote for the Parent du Jour. It’s is pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about a potato head’s philosophy of parenting. And thanks!

Photo is a fairly accurate representation of my likeness.

  1. One lesson: hummm… don’t do anything during your day that you can’t sleep with at night (is that Guilt?), also, be aware of small moments- you life can turn on a dime. And, Mr.Feldman, I think the saying is ‘act’ instead of ‘react’- proactive instead of reactive. But whatever- the educator in me is coming out today.

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