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Allow Me to Introduce Myself

July 3, 2012

I started this blog because I can’t seem to keep my mouth shut, which tends to get me in a lot of trouble. To avoid all that I thought I could write everything down here in private.

Seems that I’m an odd person. I think I make a lot of sense, but I can’t find too many people who agree. My husband agrees, occasionally, but he might be the only one. I have a few friends, too, but I think they’re just humoring me. It’s hard to tell.

I’ve been at this mothering thing for a while, and without any help or guidance I’ve developed a personal style I like to call detached parenting. It may not be appreciated by the larger world, but it works for me. You should try it. It can work for anybody. Because any way you slice it, parenting is a tough gig. Even with detached parenting my kids manage to suck me in. So I thought I’d join the conversation promoting detachment and making the world a better place.

Plus, who couldn’t use a laugh?



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