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In My Expert Opinion Playdates Suck

March 30, 2013

Good morning all. Although I typically don’t post on weekends, this morning I have some exciting news. Today I’m featured in the Mamapedia Voices section, which highlights “selected writers, from up-and-coming mom bloggers to well-known mom experts.” The cool thing is I’ve always considered myself to be both an up-and-coming blogger and an expert. It’s like someone finally gets me, you know? Mamapedia was the only one to recognize I know things about stuff. I’ve raised two children for years now, and I think that qualifies me as an expert. I’ve also been up-and-coming for close to 40 years so Mamapedia really described me to a tee.

The piece Mamapedia ran today is my, “I Hate Playdates,” essay which I originally wrote for BaristaKids way back when. If you haven’t read it, check it out. And don’t worry, parents. The good news is I survived, and you can too!

Help an up-and-coming expert blogger out, and click on the banner below. Just one click is all it take to register your vote and spread the word about my expertness. Thanks.

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  1. I totally cracked up reading this–growing up, my mom reallly didn’t have to kick us out to play all day. We just went out at dawn and came home at dusk. Granted, my parents had no idea what I was up to or where I was, but they preferred it that way! ha
    I’m always telling my four kids that I’m not their activity/tour director and it’s not my job to keep them entertained. They are always welcome to go outside and ride their bikes, scooters or skateboards (isn’t that why we bought those things?). Of course, I’m a mean mommy that won’t let them play video games all day long…and we don’t have TV…we force them to do other constructive things. We’re not hippies, I swear.

  2. I don’t do playdates often, at least not the orchestrated ones like you’re describing! I have a couple of friends that I go visit and take my daughter to, but that’s about it. 🙂 Great post, you up and coming blogger you!

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