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The Easter Kitty

March 31, 2013

Today I have a little Easter surprise for you. I hope you enjoy it because my daughter risked her life to get this photo.

The Easter Kitty

Who’s a cute, little Easter Kitty? You are!

Technically, the bedazzled bunny ears should be in front of the cat’s little kitty ears to make it look more realistic, but Kitty 1 said this wasn’t in her union contract so she fought us every step of the way. And it shouldn’t be so blurry, but it was an action shot.

Easter Kitties, if you didn’t know, are virtually the same as Easter Bunnies. The only difference is instead of hiding little treats in the form of colored eggs scattered about, the treats they leave behind are little kitty turds.

I can’t leave you on that sour or, more accurately, stinky note so allow me to leave you with these parting words:

Happy Easter

I would never normally have anything that cheerful in my house, but like I said it was a gift. The truth is even though I wouldn’t buy something like that, I keep the little, yellow wooden chick around all year to remind me spring will eventually return.

That’s it folks. Happy Easter! And if you truly want to make it a happy Ester for me, please vote by clicking on the banner. That’s all you have to do. Thanks!

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  1. I want an Easter Kitty!!

  2. Happy Easter! I clicked, as usual, cause your funny. And I want to keep you in cat food for a long long time.

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