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Word to Your Motha: Fugacious

April 10, 2013

Girls in a Row

What I really like about this word is that it sounds obscene. The nice thing is it’s not. You can sprinkle it liberally into all your conversations and scandalize people without ever having uttered an unsavory term.

Like this: “That’s a God damn fugacious lie, and you know it!” Doesn’t that go perfectly together? It just sounds right. Sadly, the word is nothing like it sounds. Why are words always trying to fool us? God damn words and their fugacious lies!

Well, I’m here to put an end to all that. We will know exactly what these words mean and then see if they can trick us then again. Just try it, words. Try it. We’re not falling for your cruel jokes anymore.

Fugacious – (fyoo gay shus) adj. 1. Falling or fading early. 2. Fleeting; transitory.

Use in a sentence: When I was a young mother with my first baby people always told me how fugacious childhood really was. “They grow up so fast,” they’d say, and I’d smile politely and nod. But I always fought the urge to say, “Yeah, for you maybe because you’re not the one doing the raising.” After imparting their words, meant to be nothing other than kind and sympathetic, they would continue on their way, maybe have a few unhurried conversations, run out to grab a cup of coffee for a mid-morning pick-me-up, relax after a hard day’s work and enjoy a good night’s rest. For me and all the others in the trenches, childhood seemed an interminable, ceaseless process, each day stretching out to the horizon with no end in sight and no idea how to fill all that time looming before us to please  a very uncooperative, capricious little person.

Time always does go fast for the ones who aren’t in it. For those of us actually up to our eyeballs, the days are not so fugacious.

Of course a point always comes where time speeds up usually when your kids develop some conversational skills and independence. Then there’s no slowing it down, and you know it will all be over before you’re ready, and you already miss the feel of your child’s little hand in yours and the sweet smell of baby wash on their skin and the soft brush of their silky fine hair against your cheek. Maybe that’s what people are talking about. But it’s hard to know until it’s already happening.  

Kid Spinning on Playground

Then it feels like this.

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  1. Those Latin rooted words will mess you up every time! Wonder if that’s what the guy I knew in the Army, who was from the Bronx, meant when he always commented, “Fuggin’ A.” Maybe he just knew the hassles would pass quickly, and wanted to offer encouragement.

  2. Your blog is definitely not fugacious (I almost typed fugalicious-totally a different thing.)

  3. That DOES look like a bad word!

    And I agree – sometimes when you’re in the thick of things, time seems to pass by slowly. But then all of a sudden you worry it’s going by too fast. Why can’t there be a happy medium??

  4. Being a huge fan of F words, I’m going to add this one to my ever growing vocabularly all thanks to you!

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