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October 4, 2012

Behold: The iPhone 5

You know how I’m into words? Real words, long unpronounceable words, utterly well-mannered yet offensive-sounding words, words that make you seem smart, even completely made-up words, which deserve a rightful place among the streaming lists in the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary?

All of these are the reason I started my Learn English Twitter Campaign, which eventually evolved into Word to Your Motha Wednesdays. But I felt that wasn’t enough. No, I thought I could do more. I thought I could stretch my word posts beyond their logical limits. And that’s when my twit and blogger buddy, Kerstin Auer, over at Auer Life tweeted this:

That is certainly worthy of an award. But since I hold no official power at Merriam-Websters and since I have no award-granting authority, I instead propositioned Kerstin with writing a guest post for me. I thought that would be reward enough. So today I present you with a very special guest post:

 A couple of days ago something really exciting happened – I invented a new word. Of course I had to tweet about it – the word was designed to help me out with my addiction to passion for Twitter. When I’m at work I use the internet a lot and sometimes – and I have no idea how this happens – I end up on Twitter, and I usually have something to say. But I’m supposed to be working, and when my boss gives me *the look* I wanna be able to say that I’m doing just that.

Twork v. to tweet while at work and while pretending to work; pronunciation: say it fast so it sounds just like “work” – the t is silent!

So the tworking seemed like it was destined for greatness. The twork and I – we were going places. We were starting a hashtag and a movement. Just imagine countless frustrated employees finding new joy in their workplace! Smiling faces telling their bosses “we are tworking, and we love it” or “I have a lot of twork to do tomorrow – mind if I put in some overtime?” Just imagine the possibilities.

I already had the script for my infomercial done: “Hi, my name is Kerstin, and just like you I was frustrated in my job until I unleashed the power of the twork. The principle of the twork is simple, and you can do it in any job – all you need is a computer or smartphone and you can be part of the global twork family. Call 1-800-88TWORK right now to find out how you can get started.”

So maybe they’re not at work. You get the picture.

The infomercial would help me recruit aspiring tworkers, and of course there would be a seminar on how to twork properly – it’s an art, really. Thank god I’m a trained consultant and life coach. Tony Robbins has nothing on me and my twork; this was going to be sooo good.

I even followed it up with another twork the next day.

Just as I was thinking about who to cast in “Twork – the Musical” I remembered: my boss is following me on Twitter. So never mind.

And one last bit to remember about tworking and working:

photo credit (top): shapeshift via photopin cc

photo credit: Ed Yourdon via photopin cc

From → Otha Mothas

  1. This is pure awesomeness! But alas, I do not get paid for my work, so perhaps, twlaundrying would fit me better? Let me know how I can sign up for the seminar to find out. Ellen

  2. I’d like to get paid for twfacebooking. I know, I know. A stretch. But, I’d be so rich. I’m already dreaming about what I could do with that pay check. Sign me up!

  3. I’m using this. Brills.

  4. Hee! I, for one, totally appreciate your genius! 🙂

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